The most trusted and reliable property service in Killington

Expert Snow Removal

We have the heavy equipment needed to meet your special needs - including snow plows for long driveways, snow blowers for tighter spaces, and front end loaders for removal of large snow piles and banks.


We maintain all our customers' properties to our high standards of safety - even when you're away. When you arrive at your Killington home, you'll be delighted to know your driveway is clear of snow and ready to welcome you.


Regular snow plowing & lawn care provides an extra level of security keeping your home looking like somebody's home at all times rather than projecting the appearance of a vacant property.

Grading & Excavation

Grading and resurfacing your stone driveway improves drainage, prevents soil erosion and avoids costly repairs caused by heavy rains and streaming water.

Lawn Care

Whether you are on on-site homeowner, second homeowner or commercial property realizing the importance of curb appeal, leave it to us to maintain your property in meticulous condition.


Let Fiore Property Services deliver and spread mulch prior to the emergence of perennials to reduce weeds, control moisture and improve the appearance of your flower beds.