Driveway Grading and Resurfacing

driveway grading killington vt

Keep your driveway looking great year-round.

Improve the appearance and integrity of your driveway with grading and resurfacing by Fiore Property Services in Killington, Vermont.  Driveway grading and resurfacing improves the curb appeal and safety of your property while avoiding costly driveway rebuilding caused by washouts and erosion.

Let’s face it, our winters in Vermont can be pretty harsh, taking a toll on our stone driveways over time.  As well, the increased frequency of unusually heavy downpours have created significant erosion issues for many homeowners and commercial properties on hilly landscapes. From constant snow plowing in winter to the deep reality of our “mud season” in March and April, the crowning of your driveway wears away in time and tire tracks become tire ruts, slowly at first, then deeper until they become an eyesore and perhaps even a tripping hazard.  Left unchecked, the loss of crowning results in erosion and possibly failure of your driveway, meaning costly repairs or rebuilding will soon follow.

Beautify your home by grading and resurfacing your driveway.

Grading and resurfacing your stone driveway improves drainage, prevents soil erosion and avoids costly repairs caused by heavy rains and streaming water.  While stone driveways are generally very low maintenance, they still require some routine maintenance every few years to preserve their integrity, appearance and functionality.

See our gallery of “before and after” pictures to get a better idea of how Fiore Property Maintenance can add value to your residential or commercial property.

Our team of courteous professionals will prepare your driveway for the project, and when finished you’ll have a clean, attractive property ready to handle whatever mother nature dumps on us in the coming years.

Call today for a free estimate.  We’ll come out and assess the condition of your driveway, make recommendations and leave the decision to you.  There is no obligation for this estimate.